Chrysler Old Carter Carburetors :CHRYSLER MODEL C28 1941

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charge passage. If plunger is removed from cylinder, use care in installing to avoid damage to plunger leather.
Correct air fuel ratio is provided by a "balance tube" cast in the air horn. The balance tube should be checked each time the carbureter is serviced to see that the passage is open. The object of a balanced carbureter is to provide a constant air fuel ratio regardless of type, size or condition of air cleaner. Should the cleaner become clogged, the capacity will be reduced but the air-fuel mixture ratio will not be changed.
Excessive richness above 50 miles per hour may be caused by a clogged main vent tube. After removal of rivet plug beneath float bowl with tool No. T109-42, main vent tube can be removed and a new tube inserted with tool No. T109-70. Care must be exercised in inserting new tube which must seat tightly. Use new rivet to complete the Installation.
Pump Adjustment: Remove air horn assembly, back out throttle adjustment screw, and place pump operating link in center hole of throttle shaft arm. Adjustment can be made by bending horizontal portion of pump connector link, sothat top of pump plunger shaft contacts lip of indicator on pump stroke gauge T109-117S. Correct travel is 26/64".
Pump stroke adjustable for high or low temperature. Set to longest stroke for cold weather, shorter stroke for hot weather driving.
Maximum economy and performance are secured only when breaker points, spark plugs, valves and motor timing are set to manufacturer's specifications. After motor is properly tuned, the following should also be done to insure satisfactory performance and economy.
(a) Float level must be set as above.
(b) Step-up rod in step-up jet must seat and move freely. When reassembling, jet must be screwed in tight against seat.
(c) Step-up piston in body casting should not bind and must be free of dirt.
(d) Main metering jet can be replaced with leaner than
standarc. metering jets, for altitude or high test fuel.
Caution: Do not attempt to gauge metering jets with drills. These jets have been flow-tested, to insure correct fuel flow.

NOTE: Parts are shown here for identification only. Check correct number and price in list given below.

Chrysler—I941—No. E6S3—List Price $29.40
All Prices Subject to Prevailing Surcharge
Part No. PART NAME List Price
1-2645 Body flange assembly $3 70
IA-24 *melange gasket (with governor) 09
IA-31 Flange gasket (without governor) 09
2-87 Throttle valve 30
3-3635 Throttle shaft and arm assembly 90
4-343S Throttle lever assembly 60
4A-90 Throttle shaft dog 30
6-297S Air horn assembly 3 70
7-1055 Choker valve assembly 75
11B-17 Pump check plug--- I5
IIB-41 Rivet plug 04
1IB-79 Rivet plug -- (2) 04
IIB-103 Main vent tube rivet plug 04
IIB-108 Idle port rivet plug_ 04
1IB-138 Pump jet rivet plug 07
14-282 Choker lever (loose) 07
14-2845 Choker shaft and lever assembly 65
20-26 *Main metering jet gasket : 07
20-31 Needle seat gasket 07
20-51 *Step-up jet gasket 07
20-52 Step-up piston gasket 07
21-49S Float and lever assembly 1.20
24-23 Float lever pin 07
25-82S Needle and seat assembly 1 20
30A-37 Idle adjustment screw 45
39-I I Valve attaching screw (4) 2 for 07
48-75 Pump jet, .95 mm drill 30
61-58 Throttle lever adjusting screw spring 07
61-84 Idle adjustment screw spring 07
61-135 Step-up piston spring 07
Part No. PART NAME List Price
Pump spring ° 15
Plunger spring - I5
Float lever pin retainer 07
Pump retainer ring 07
Pump spring retainer 07
Plunger and rod assembly (Identify by shaft
No. 49-120) 1 05
Flange stud lock washer (2) 02
Throttle lever clamp screw 07
Throttle adjusting screw 07
Flange attaching screw and washer assy (2) 07
Air horn attaching screw and washer assy (4) 07
Flange stud nut (2) 07
Choker connector rod 20
Pump cylinder ball 04
Pump check ball 07
Pump operating link 20
Pump connector link 15
Body flange gasket ° (2) 07
Body gasket 15
Idle orifice tube and plug assembly 45
Throttle centering spring washer 05
Main vent tube 20
Step-up jet and gasket assembly : 35
Pin spring ° 02
Main metering jet and gasket assy., 2 sizes lean 45
Main metering jet and gasket assy., I size lean 45
Main metering jet and gasket assy., standard 45
Step-up piston, plate and rod assembly 60
Insulator _-°- 50
*This gasket to be installed between carbureter and governor when governor is installed. Original flange gasket to remain between governor and manifold.
'Gaskets so marked must be soaked in 90 proof denatured alcohol for 15 minutes, installed on part and let dry before using. NOTE: Small figures preceding list price indicate number of pieces used in one carbureter.
List price of $4.40 per 100 applies to parts listed at $0.07 each. List price of $1.85 per 100 applies to parts listed at $0.04 each.
List price of $2.55 per 100 applies to parts listed at $0.05 each. List price of $0.75 per 100 applies to parts listed at $0.02 each.
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