1946 Carter Carburetor Specification Manual
It includes vehicles from the early 1930's to 1946-47

1927 Dyke's Carburetor Supplement to the Automobile Encyclopedia

87. Carburetor Types: Brief Elementary Fundamentals 1235

88. Stromberg Plain Tube Carburetors: Introduction; What the Carburetor Should Do; The Stromberg Plain-Tube Carburetor Principle; Type "0" Series of Vertical Carburetors; Type "0" Series of Horizontal or Side-Outlet Carburetors; Adjustments; Servicing and Maintenance; Directions for Proper Installation, Settings and Adjustments; How to Locate Engine Troubles 1236

89. Schebler Carburetor, Model "S": What Is Exact Carburetion; Construction; Principle of Operation; Adjustments 1258

90. Stewart Carburetors: Construction; Principle of Action; Adjustments; Troubles and Remedies; Maintenance 1261

91. Pierce Arrow Carburetors: As Used on Series 32 and 33; As Used on Series 80; Construction; Adjustments 1266

92. Carter Carburetors: Models "RXO" and "DRO"; Principle of Operation; Adjustments and Servicing 1268

93. Marvel Carburetors: Models T, Ti, UU, and A -2S; Construction; Principle of Operation; Adjustments 1272

94. Ball & Ball Carburetors: Model SV-33; Model SV-26; Model S-1; Principle of Operation; Adjustments 1277

95. Tillotson Carburetors: Models "SE 2A," "SE-4A," "S-4A"; Operation; Adjustments 1281

96. Cadillac Carburetor: Gasoline System; Carburetor Construction; Operation; Adjustments . 1283

97. Lincoln Carburetor: Construction; Operation 1289

9S. Ford Vaporizer: Construction; Principle of Operation 1290

99. Johnson Carburetor: Model "H"; Construction and Adjustments 1291

100. Zenith Carburetors: Principle of Operation; The Compensating Jet and Compound Nozzle; Theory Applied in Zenith Practice; Installing, Adjusting, and Checking a Zenith Carburetor; Carburetor Adjustments; Servicing and Maintenance of the Zenith; Zenith Model SV; Care of the Carburetor; Factors Which Assist Good Carburetion 1292

101. Packard Carburetor: Model 426–433; Construction; Adjustments 1300

102. Gasoline Fuel-Feed Systems: The Stewart Vacuum Fuel-Feed System; Principle of Operation; Care; Maintenance; Adjustments and Installation. The Autopulse Magnetic Fuel Pump; Principle of Operation 1303

103. Air Cleaners: Purpose; Types; Construction 1308

104. Superchargers: Purpose; Advantages; Types 1309

105. Ricardo Cylinder Head: Purpose; Principle; Advantages; Discussion of Pre-Ignition, Ping, and Detonation; After-Burning Fuel; The Importance of Turbulence 1313

106. Engine Bearings: Testing Bearings on a Pressure-Lubricated Engine; factory Methods of Fitting Engine Bearings; Repair-Shop Procedure in Adjusting, Refitting, and Renewing Engine Bearings; Maintenance of Connecting-Rod Lower Bearings; Maintenance of Main Bearings; Example of a Pressure-Lubricated -Main-Bearing Layout; Relation of Engine Lubrication to the Life of the Bearings 1315