Chrysler Old Carter Carburetors : CHRYSLER 6 and 8 INDUSTRIAL 1946

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If engine misses when load is suddenly increased, remove pump jet and clean with compressed air. However, it is usually advisable to replace the pump jet, as its cost is nominal. All jets must be seated gasoline tight. This condition may be due to damaged or worn plunger leather in accelerating pump, sediment in pump cylinder or clogged intake ball check at bottom of pump cylinder and discharge ball check in discharge passage. If plunger is removed from cylinder, use care in installing to avoid damage to plunger leather.

Correct air fuel ratio is provided by a "balance tube" in the air horn. The balance tube should be checked each time the carbureter is serviced to see that the passage is open. The object of a balanced carbureter is to provide aconstant air fuel ratio regardless of type, size or condition of air cleaner. Should the cleaner become clogged, the capacity will be reduced but the air-fuel mixture ratio will not be changed.

EMI and early production EM2 carbureters were provided with a spacer No. 108-40 inserted in the step-up cylinder under the step-up piston. This spacer provided these carbureters with an extremely rich part throttle calibration, as the carbureter was originally designed for stationary industrial use. However, due to the varying uses of these carbureters, this spacer has now been omitted and normal step-up piston operation will result. If a rich part throttle operation is required this spacer may be used.

Chrysler 6 & 8 — Industrial — 1946 — Carbureter Nos. EMI-EM2—List Price $36.95
Part No. PART NAME List Price
1-467S Body flange assembly (Both) $9.56
1A-24 Flange gasket—for use with governor (Both) .08
1A-31 Flange gasket—for use without
governor (Both) .08
2-87 Throttle valve ° (Both) .29
4-496 Throttle lever (Outer) (Both) .59
4A-98S Throttle lever dog assembly (Both) .59
4A-100S East idle cam (Both) .52
6-523S Air horn assembly (EMI) 5.88
6-544S Air horn assembly (EM2) 5.88
7-105S Choke valve assembly (Both) .74
11B-17 Pump passage plug (Both) .15
11B-41 Rivet passage plug (4) (Both) .03
11B-69 Rivet plug ° --°°-- (Both) .03
11B-79 Rivet plug (Both) .03
11B-103 Rivet plug (Sup. by 11B-220) (Both) .03
11B-108 Idle port rivet plug (Both) .03
11B-138 Pump jet rivet plug (Both) .07
11B-194 Bowl drain plug (Both) .15
11 B-204S Filter bowl and gasket assembly (Both) .75
11B-206S Needle seat plug and gasket assy (Both) .74
11B-220 Rivet plug ° (Both) .03
13-98 Choke shaft ................................................. (EM2) .52
14-345S Choke lever assembly (EMI) .59
14-350S Choke lever assembly (EM2) .59
20-26 *Main metering jet gasket (Both) .07
20-51 *Step-up jet gasket (Both) .07
20-52 Step-up piston gasket (Both) .07
20-70 Needle seat gasket (Both) .07
20-90 *Filter bowl gasket (Both) .07
20-91 Needle seat plug gasket (Both) .07
21-98S Float and lever assembly (Both) 1.83
24-23 Float lever pin ° (Both) .07
25-148S Needle and seat assembly (Both) 1.18
30-44 Filter element (Both) 1.69
30A-37 Idle adjustment screw (Both) .45
39-10 Choke valve attaching screw....(2) (Both) 2 for .07
39-11 Throttle valve attaching screw (2) (Both) 2 for .07
48-73 Pump jet ................... .(Both) .29
61-58 Throttle lever adjusting screw spring (Both) .07
61-84 idle adjustment screw spring (Both) .07
61-135 Step-up piston spring (Both) .07
61-157 Pump plunger spring (Both) .15
PART NAME List Price
Choke spring ---°....° °----° (EMI) .15
Choke spring (EM2) .15
Choke tube bracket assembly (Both) .36
Float lever pin retainer (Both) .07
Retainer ring ° (Both) .07
Plunger rod and piston assembly
(Identify by Shaft No. 49-150) (Both) 1.8.3
Lock washer (Both) .02
Choke tube bracket lock washer (EM2) .02
Flange stud lock washer (Both) .02
Throttle shaft dog set screw (Both) .07
Choke lever clamp screw (EM2) .07
Choke wire clamp screw (Both) .07
Choke bracket clamp screw (Both) .07
Choke tube bracket attaching screw (EM2) .07
Throttle lever adjusting screw (Both) .07
Choke tube bracket attaching screw
and washer assembly (Both) .07
Body flange attaching screw and
washer assembly (2) (Both) .07
Air horn attaching screw and
washer assembly (3) (Both) .07
Throttle lever dog screw (EMI) .07
Air horn attaching screw and
washer assembly (2) (Both) .22
Body flange attaching screw and
washer assembly (Both) .07
Throttle lever dog screw (EM2) .07
Choke tube clamp nut (Both) .07
Flange nut (2) (Both) .07
Spacer (Under step-up piston) (Early
production only) (Both) .07
Pump intake check ball (Both) .03
Pump discharge check ball (Both) .07
Bowl cover gasket (Both) .29
Body flange gasket (Both) .08
Idle orifice tube and plug assembly (Both) .29
Hain vent tube gasket (Both) .04
Main vent tube and plug assembly (Both) .66
Step-up jet and gasket assembly (EM1) .36
Step-up jet and gasket assembly (EM2) .36
Main metering jet and gasket assy (EM1) .45
Main metering jet and gasket assy (EM2) .45
Step-up piston plate and rod assy (Both) .59
*Gaskets so marked must be soaked in 90 proof denatured alcohol for 15 minutes, installed on part and let dry before using.
NOTE: Small figures in parentheses preceding list price indicate number of pieces used in one carbureter. Where no figure is shown, only one is used.